Shoppers - Please make sure you are reading the guidelines to your shops thoroughly.  If you miss the details, they can cause you trouble! Attention to detail is the key to good shopping.
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Coast to Coast would like to take a moment to spotlight a client we are proud to have worked alongside for the past 10 years! Devon Hill Associates provides a unique approach to Healthcare, Hospital and Medical Mystery Shopping.  To register to be a shopper with Devon Hill Assoiciates, click HERE!


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Beware of Letters Offering Quick Returns for Cashing a Check
Click on the link above for more information. Our company rarely, if ever, offers mystery shops
involving check cashing or money transfers. We never ask shoppers to send us money. If
someone posing as a representative of our company ever contacts you with a cashier's check,
call us before you try to cash the may be a scam!
Avoid Falling Victim to Secret Shopper Scams
To become a successful shopper requires meeting deadlines, good grammar skills, honesty, and regular communication with your scheduler. It is important to submit complete, accurate and objective reports and maintain confidentiality among all parties. A good shopper will ask questions if needed, BEFORE completing their assignment but AFTER reviewing ALL the instructions.
Shopper ethics: We love to work with those shoppers that use common sense when shopping. Shoppers that remember the importance of not ever contacting the business you are mystery shopping directly. We appreciate those that write objectively without personal opinion unless specifically requested, keep all shop information confidential, including shopping fee and/or reimbursement and do not accept an assignment for a business that you or your family or friends work for. Shoppers that never falsify or misrepresent reports are used repeatedly.
Shopper opportunities:

CTCSS schedules a variety of shops – retail, restaurant, hotels, compliance, auto, hair salon, theatre, recreation, to name only a few.

GAS PRICES are hitting everyone hard. Remember shopping for CTCSS may increase your shop opportunities in your area so that you can save gas. Register today and don’t hesitate to contact a scheduler at to see what may be available in your area.
Essential equipment: Computer with internet access, Microsoft Word and Excel Programs, reliable transportation. Also helpful are fax machine, cell phone, digital camera.
FREE resources:
MSPA -  ("Shoppers") (register with individual companies)

Download ADOBE READER for free so you can view and print PDF documents
Suggested Reading: The Mystery Shopper's Manual
Payment: All companies pay with different methods and timing. Be sure and ask BEFORE you agree to complete an assignment. One method used by some is
CTCSS does not pay shoppers, however we will assist you in contacting the correct person and company with any questions referencing shops you have completed on our behalf.
Information regarding Independent Contractor Status can be found at