Shoppers, please make sure you are reading the guidelines to your shops thoroughly.  if you miss the details, they cause you trouble!  attention to detail is the key to good shopping.

it's time to plan for next year's shopperfest! JUNE 28-30, 2019

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client spotlight

Coast to Coast would like to take a moment to spotlight a client we are very proud and happy to have worked alongside off and on for over 15 years!  Customer Perspectives has been providing mystery shopping services since 1983.  They understand this business and treat the shoppers they contract with respect and gratitude.  They have great assignments ranging from retail mystery shopping at stores and restaurants to “shopping” in banks and credit unions. We encourage you to register to be a shopper with Customer Perspectives today!



  • CTCSS schedules a variety of shops - retail, restaurant, hotels, compliance, auto, hair salon, theatre, recreation, to name only a few.

  • GAS PRICES are hitting everyone hard. Remember shopping for CTCSS may increase your shop opportunities in your area so that you can save gas. Register today and don't hesitate to contact a scheduler to see what may be available in your area.

Shopper Payment INFORMATION

  • Shopper payments come directly from the Mystery Shopping Company you are contracted through to perform services.  CTCSS never pays shoppers.


  • Get Serious! Become an MSPA Shopper Member

    MSPA-NA is the leading trade organization in the mystery shopping industry. Join today to get the many benefits of belonging to this elite group of shoppers. Members can become certified for industry-specific shopping opportunities, including video shopping. Invest in yourself and your business for greater success and income! (This is a separate database from CTCSS) Sign up with MSPA -NA today!

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