“A happy shopper is Committed Totally, Consensus to Service and Success.”
— Nick L. in CA

“I have had nothing but wonderful experiences working with CTCSS. CTCSS is definitely one of my preferred companies to work with, and considering I do this type of work for a living, that says a lot!”
— Connie G. in CA

“I have enjoyed my relationship with CTCSS. They are prompt in answering questions and quickly respond to any of my emails. They have kept their word on payments for merchandise purchased. This is a company to rely on, and great team members to work with, like Eden!”
— Sidney Jean T. in AZ

“I enjoy working for CTCSS because it gives me the flexibility to work within my schedule. Having a special-needs child makes it difficult to conform to a schedule that would be necessary when working a regular job. This company offers assistance with any questions that I might not understand in the shop instructions and is always happy to reschedule a shop to allow for unforeseen issues that come up. The payment is prompt and they always do what they say that they will do.”
— Cindy G. in SC

“I enjoy working for CTCSS. It’s very easy to schedule shops and report the shops through their website, and they always have plenty of shops to choose from. I always receive quick responses to any questions I email to the scheduler. I have been a Mystery Shopper for more than 7 years and I work for approximately 30 Mystery Shop companies, and CTCSS is one of the best companies to work for.”
— Stefan L. in CA

“I have found it to be an awesome experience working with CTCSS. I can actually talk to and reach the schedulers with CTCSS, rather than emailing and maybe getting a response with other companies. I feel that CTCSS respects and values their independent contractors. The jobs/tasks through CTCSS are simple and easy and pay quite well. I haven’t had any major issues and if I ever need anything I can reach someone or expect to have my call or email returned very quickly. I truly enjoy working with CTCSS and the schedulers!!!”
— Carl B. in GA

“As a Gold Certified Shopper, I am able to receive and request as much work as I like. For the month of January, I made $1850 in 3 days in 5 different states. I am also fortunate enough to work with “great” schedulers that consistently send work my way. Eden and Antonio Workman are great to know and work for. They have been more than fair and keep me in the loop!”
— Lynn in TN

“I just became a Mystery Shopper and I LOVE IT! I am very happy working for CTCSS as their shop instructions are easy to understand and they are always available if I have a question or concern. I look forward to many years of being a Mystery Shopper with CTCSS!”
— Sally P. in CA

“Being a Mystery Shopper has provided me with a lucrative secondary income by combining my love of interacting with people and my unwavering attention to detail. Coast to Coast Scheduling Services has proven to me that they are a professional and reputable company that maintains flexibility for the shopper, without sacrificing the integrity of the companies that retain their services. The thing I most enjoy about Coast to Coast, is that I feel like I’m part of their team, as well as being an important element for the companies I shop.”
— Paul T. in Ontario

“I am so happy to have found CTCSS. They are fun and reliable. They make my interaction with them personable and it is one of my favorite places to work for. The schedulers care and make it a personable experience which means so much to me.”
— Kelley C. in GA