“I would like to thank Coast to Coast for the great job they have done in recruiting shoppers for our most recent medical and senior living projects. Some of our assignments are hard to recruit for – especially those that require seasoned shoppers to be inpatients and ER patients or are in hard to book locations. We are a small company that completes some complex shops for clients. When we were looking for a new recruiting firm to partner with, we wanted a company that would not only be professional, responsive and reliable, but tenacious. We’ve worked with several CTCSS schedulers over the past 10+ years and they’ve worked diligently to find the “right” shoppers for us. But, most importantly, if I become frustrated for any reason, Tina San Roman, personally, steps in to take action.”
— Barbara Gerber FACHE, President of Devin Hill Associates

“Working with Tina and Coast to Coast is like working with an extension of our very own company. The fact that we are two separate companies is completely transparent to our clients.”
— Stacey Van Nest, Circle of Service

“We have been using Tina San Roman’s scheduling services for over a year and therefore can attest to her reliability and dedication. She puts whatever resources are necessary into getting the job done – no matter what. She has been proactive in both recognizing and solving problems. In short, we know we can count on her to get the job done – and get it right.”
— Judith Ann Hess, President of Customer Perspectives

“Tina San Roman and Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. have been a blessing for us at Restaurant Cops, LLC. Being a restaurant mystery shopping specialist, you can imagine the number of restaurants in the middle of nowhere. Tina has always come through for us when it comes to finding shoppers, no matter where our clients are located. Whether it’s a small town like Wise, Virginia, Dickson, Tennessee or the big city of Dallas, Texas, Tina comes through again and again! When you want it done on time, you can count on Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. Thank you Tina!”
— Dan Marsh, CEO of Restaurant Cops, LLC

“Tina San Roman and Coast to Coast Scheduling have been extremely impressive in their efforts for BMA. We are a nationwide mystery shopping services; CTCSS has lined up mystery shoppers for BMA assignments far and wide, in virtually every state in the nation. They have consistently communicated very well with the mystery shoppers, with us and in selected instances even with our clients. Good communication ability is a key skill that one cannot take for granted. They have shown dedication and initiative to get the jobs done.”
— Peter Thorwarth, President of BMA Mystery Shopping Services

“Tina San Roman and her entire team at Coast to Coast Scheduling are an invaluable part of our “team”. We work in a fast paced, demanding environment and CTCSS delivers quality service day in and day out. The CTCSS team is on the job with us 24/7, whenever we need them to get the job done. Their flexibility and responsiveness is unmatched in our industry and key components to our overall success. I would highly recommend CTCSS to anyone in the Mystery Shopping industry.”
— The Troy Dolan Group
“Hospitality Now has had the pleasure of a working with Coast to Coast Scheduling Services since 2012. During this time, they have assisted Hospitality Now in effectively scheduling thousands of mystery shops in some very challenging demographic areas where recruiting a ‘quality shopper’ does not come easy. The caliber of the scheduling, editing and follow-up of CTCSS has been a key element in maintaining a stable relationship in the past and for future assignments.”
— Michael D. Flath, Hospitality Now

“They truly care. CTCSS is genuinely committed to meeting every challenge we throw at them, and all done with a great big smile. Scheduling is THE most difficult component to mystery shopping, but through their commitment to deliver, Tina and her team brings a valuable sense of security that eases the stress. We LOVE CTCSS and are so incredibly grateful to have them as our scheduling partner!”
— Monnie Howard, President of Cirrus Marketing Intelligence

“When choosing a new parent company to partner Customer 1st with, one of my concerns would be the professionalism and integrity of the scheduling staff and or service the parent company uses. I knew in an instant that the Troy Dolan Group was the right choice for Customer 1st. Not only because of the reputation of the president, Tim Rooney, but also because of the scheduling service they use which is Coast to Coast Scheduling. I have used Tina and her team in the past on special projects and was thrilled to know she was the service of choice for TDG. Transitioning a company and clients from one parent company, and reporting system, to another is no easy task. Even though we met with a few bumps in the road Coast to Coast Scheduling helped me manage those bumps with the least impact on our clients. I am truly thankful for Tina and the professional team at Coast to Coast Scheduling form making me look like a hero in my customer’s eyes. I look forward to a long partnership with Coast to Coast Scheduling.”
— Carl Philipps, Director of Customer 1st

“Coast-to-Coast scheduling has exceeded our expectations for recruiting shoppers in cities across the U.S. We have also used their services to fill spots in focus groups. Tina and her group are easy to work with and have found high quality participants in both our mystery shop and focus group programs.”
— Constance Anderson, President of Anderson & Associates

“The Realise Group engaged Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. to deliver on a client project that required shops to be completed in various locations across Canada. As an Australian based company, we provide services to our clients in Australia and New Zealand. We therefore needed to find a partner who could help us deliver our client’s mystery shopping program in their Canadian stores. The team at Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. were very user friendly and most importantly they were quality and customer focused, as are we.

The nature of our client project was quite detailed and required high quality shoppers to complete the assignments. The standard of shoppers used by Coast to Coast was excellent. Shoppers were well trained, thoroughly briefed on the specific requirements and enthusiastic in completing the assignments. Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. were able to meet our needs in filling all of the locations and visits, with every assignment completed correctly and within the timeframe provided. Tina and her staff provided us with the level of communication and attention we required to successfully manage the project. We could not have been more pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to partner with Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. for any future client requirements we have in the North American market.”
— Kate, The Realise Group