***Coast to Coast Scheduling Services Inc.  has been targeted in a mystery shopping scam Please report any emails you receive to the Federal Trade Commission as well as the FBI. You can also report to your local authorities!***


Update: They are now using another email address., Barbara Cody Please notice this is NOT our domain. Please do not respond to them.


Update on recent Scam Alert: Scammers are posting the following to shoppers. THIS IS NOT CTCSS! Please Beware of the following email or anything similiar and immediately report them!

From: Barbara Cody <>

From:, Donna Crabtree <>

Subject: CVS and Walgreens Chain-store Survey.

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. got contracted for a survey from Market Force Information Inc.

Shopper pay: $30

Requirements – You are required to purchase Ebay Gift Card($200) at your nearest CVS and Walgreens.At the store you will be required to observe the following;

• Were the employees friendly and courteous?

• Did you receive prompt service?

• Was the merchandise displayed neatly?

• Was it easy to use the service?

Your report will include pictures of in-store card display,pictures of gift card purchased and receipt,fill out online survey.

Total Reimbursement-$230

If interested please reply with:

Location of interest:(You can self select 3 CVS and 3 Walgreens Stores)

Full name

Phone number

Due Date-26th July 2019


Barbara Cody


Update on recent Scam Alert: Scammers are posting the following to shoppers. THIS IS NOT CTCSS! Please Beware of the following email or anything similiar and immediately report them!

From: Robin Upchurch
Subject: Chain-store Evaluation Survey.

Hi Shopper,

So sorry for the late reply, been mighty busy.The Retail Store Evaluationd project has been extended and also the reimbursement terms have been amended as well to accommodate our shoppers who wish to carry out more surveys.Eligible stores now includes;

*CVS Pharmacy
*Family Dollar
*Dollar General

 -Close to you.

Guidelines;This is a self elective shop and you can elect any eligible store in your area.For this shop you are required proceed to your elected retail store and purchase  Ebay Gift Card of $200.

While at the store you are to observe the following;

* Ebay Gift Card visibility on the display stand.
*Observe staff conduct.
*Take pictures of the card display stand.
*Availability of  Ebay Gift Card  in $200 denomination.
*Check out time(Card activation and payment processing).
*Take pictures of purchased card and receipt.
MS Company; Market Force Int. Inc.
Find below the new reimbursement terms;

Total reimbursement-$230/Survey

We are giving out the following bonuses;

1. Do 3 shops get extra $54 bonus including the $30 shopper $690 + $54=$744

2. Do 6 shops get extra $74 bonus including the $30 shopper $1,380 +$74=$1,454

3. Do 10 shops get extra $140 bonus including the $30 shopper $2,300+$140=$2,440

You are meant to hold on to the cards till the end of the survey, the cards will be activated at the end of the survey and you can use them all.

We have very few people registered for these shops, we hope you can do some before reimbursement is paid.

The deadline is : 14th of June 2019

05/20/2019 UPDATE

Update on recent Scam Alert:  CTCSS would like update you on what we have done to report these fraudulent scammers.  Coast to Coast has reported them to the following agencies.  MSPA, IMSC, Google, Amazon, AARP, Archon Development, FBI and the FTC.  We encourage anyone that was victimized by these scammers to report it to their local authorities, notify eBay and file a complaint with the FTC:

05/12/2019 UPDATE

Beware of this email or something similar: “Ebay Gift Card Survey! 
Shopper pay: $60 
Requirements – You are required to purchase  Ebay Gift Card($200) at your nearest  CVS Pharmacy. At the store you will be required to observe the following; 
Were the employees friendly and courteous? Did you receive prompt service? Was the merchandise displayed neatly? Was it easy to use the service? 
Your report will include pictures of in-store card display, pictures of gift card purchased and receipt, 2-minute online survey. 
Total reimbursement -  $260 

If interested please reply with: Location of interest: (You can self select closest  CVS Store

Full name Birth date Phone number 
Due Date-By end of day today.”

Looks like it is coming from Robin or Tiffany, but the emails are actually SPAM from,,,,,,, and

DO NOT buy a gift card and ALWAYS look deeper at who is sending you emails. Our company emails have NOT been hacked, this is just a scam using our name, not our email.

12/26/2017 UPDATE

Robin Perkins and Mark Wilder As of 12/26/17 Robin and Mark are both fraudulently using our company name when emailing. Please do NOT cash any checks they send you.

12/22/2017 update

A person using the name Robin Perkins is mailing out checks fraudulently stating she is recruiting for CTCSS and emailing using the following address: Robin does NOT work for CTCSS. Do NOT cash checks.


12/13/2017 UPDATE

Michael Caulfield, using the email mailed a check out for $2850, asking the person to deposit it and purchase $2500 in gift cards plus a $30 clothing item and keep $320 for “weekly commission, your logistics and gift card charges fee”.

He also instructs “Completing assignment fast earns you reward to receive more assignments promptly. I want you to know that completing assignment and sending in the report as soon as funds are available in your account earns you 30% payment increase on your next assignments.”


12/12/2017 Update

Beware of emails from the following: Mark Wilder and Michael Finnell

These people do NOT contract with CTCSS.


 A scammer using the name Michael Caulfield using this email address:, our company name, a signature and logo similar to ours, but NOT ours, is emailing shoppers with an opportunity to shop and earn hundreds or thousands of dollars!

They will tell you that a check is mailed to your home specifically on December 18th and the shopper is asked to make a purchase of one or two products from any nearby store not costing more than $50 and give them feedback on their customer service delivery.

This is NOT Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc.!

Should you receive an email or check, DO NOT follow through with the instructions. The check will bounce and you will be held liable by your bank for the funds.

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. is not the only company in the mystery shopping industry being targeted, so be alert!

Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. lists all the Schedulers and Editors we contract with and employees on our contact page. If you receive an email from someone who is not listed – assume they are a scammer. If you see someone who IS listed, check the email address and email them for confirmation or call our office line to confirm.

Please share this information with your friends and family. We do not want to see anyone be billed out of thousands of dollars – especially under the premise of working with us.

How to Spot a Mystery Shopping Scam

Mystery shopping or Scheduling companies will not:

1. Send you a check before a shop. Especially with a brand new shopper. And never in thousands of dollars.
2. Ask you to deposit that check and immediately make a transaction to purchase gift cards or send money.
3. Not provide a phone number where you can reach them.

If something doesn’t seem right, please double check with the company who is being represented. Do not take any action until someone from that organization confirms this is a legitimate mystery shopping assignment.

More information about these scams is available at MSPA-NA’s industry trade association website.